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Meatbind is the leading manufacturer of butchers twine and string, food twines and string, meat tying twine and string, coloured meat twine and string, rayon twine and string, winning twine and string and specialist food twines
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NEWSFLASH our Meatbind logo is now an official Trade Mark of Henry Winning & Co Ltd...

Meatbind is the leading manufacturer of twines and string specifically aimed at the butcher trade. We supply a comprehensive range of sizes and thickness to suit all the butcher’s requirements.

Present legislation in the EU dictates that any product coming in contact with food i.e. the tying of meat – must carry certification of its suitability. All Meatbind Rayon Twines are certified passed by Public Analyst as conforming to the standards applicable to the Food Safety Act 1990, and Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Act.

Our production facilities for these products are monitored and constantly improved and are passed by major supermarkets as a suitable production atmosphere.

2005 marks the year that Meatbind was awarded the Gold award for 10 years of excellence by The Royal Institute of Public Health.

We welcome enquiries world-wide so please contact us on +44 (0)141 554 2767 or e-mail info@meatbind.com or fill out our Enquiry Form. Click here for our Terms and Conditions

If you would like to know more about our general twine and string products please visit our sister site at www.twines.co.uk.

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